Learn to think

learn to think make us wise,
converting material sum process
focus on skills own
need to study over case
each scene that question earn
fit response at performance.

when intelect treat certain object
affect essence with substance dispatch
apply perception sensitivity in view
enjoy effect of catch whole event,
let met tenor for mode work by duty
why wonder everystep, center method.

exploit articulation of ideas, imagine,
receipt acerb from reflex till revelation
come system proper to arrange manner
opt turn twist relative motif under follow
below law on phenoms or mass interaction
construct pertinant matrix paradox to understand.

get pattern on clues and advert evidence,
suspicions discharge, operate sample point dismiss
cast order model command
dissipate doubt, determine identity mid happen
dispel false from truth, discern logic run nonsense
detect err far of chance, counter gained goal.

essay recognize author merits also minion collab,
perceive difference at distinguish character and quality
or quantity even amount of offer reached
pursue state of awareness about prospect
remind experience ago grabed for do task
propel goad reing spur foment in mind up brain.

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