Comment: It seems like a happy day

Through my vision I percieve this glorious day, full of humbleness and joy I embrace it, this moment in time, when people poor like me, in middle class, or rich, suddenly we are one, but not the same, equals in the eyes of the law, but not in the opportunities, social reality is as good as the citizens want it, the moral issues can't be equivalent between a woman of 50 years and a guy of 20 years old, or match the precepts of a believer and someone agnostic or even atheist. Nevertheless, there is a light, one hope, a man, in the all concept of that word, perhaps he could change a lot of things that makes our daily living together a disaster.

No matter what kind of color do you have in your skin, your blood is red like everyone else, nothing signify more than you are human, yet there isn't a way you wouldn't take, don't count where it's going, some people say: no one deserve second chances, or if you step the hell, you should stay there forever, that is wrong, they already had their shot, life is the energy, and that power is time, the time itself is art, then, this one is the most artistic moment of the human history, where capacities are re-discovered, reconstructing economies, adapting new qualities, reinventing cultures and creating across love and care a new enlightment era.

We are waiting for this change so many years ago, when we can forgotten the meaning of the word: discrimination, which exclusion is only a ghost of the past, it seems that sometimes gets out of it, but somehow someone diminishing returns to get the sack of bitterness, distrust of the box of calm, and everything becomes an eight; I dream those times when all this isolation will be history, and make come true the expressions americans says this days: we are one.

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