Daily Poem: Tides of existence

The algae covered by grains of salt floating across the sea,
while the gull scans the peak,
the shoal moves to the sound of the tide.
The sun generates heat
with its large evapotranspiration,
the great walrus kills one of the penguins...
and the other in shock.
Dyed red beach is shake the palm trees,
sounds as the wind was calm beats.
Although only a moment,
it is only a breeding and repeats the story;
Now exalted hungry dolphins attacked by sharks.
But those sharks are less, and the other warriors,
begins a battle of who knows the word ...
The purpose and result are the same,
nature is not escape detail;
or random changes,
or their fate in the shadows.
A while after a fall will be another, nothing is eternal,
even the stars have an expiry date,
it is life and its mandate.
Fall rains, thunder and heavy storms ring,
heaven shines, and the climate for new cycle of existence ...
Birth, eating, growing, making, aging, death;
none are free -is exempt-, one to go against time?
does someone want to go against the time?

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