What color are the dreams?

The sky is beautiful around here, is changing as you observe, is hot in the afternoons, romantic sunrises, bucolic nights full of mysteries, the streets are filled with colors, and dreams...

What colors are the dreams? What color does the wisdom? They are wise, powerful, innocent, can be profound and even inconsistent, perhaps black and white, or think they are gray, and at times forget the nuances.

What color are the dreams? Perhaps the overwhelming passion to give a thrust to remove the reason, red like love, of which I own blood, red like love and war, the color of faith and fear.

Colors that give joy, others give nostalgia... What color are the dreams? Life is full of treasures, perhaps as the ocean blue, blue like the illusion that wearing the color of the sky that you see it, blue almost like a wish.

What color are the dreams? Maybe it will be yellow, as the heat from our bodies, like the yellow stars that do not fade and keeps everything nice, and your hair, like your curls stole his yellow from the sun.

Flavors and tremors... What color are the dreams? Orange as the sun, the color of the imagination, and carrots are orange pigment too, the color of wisdom, the forgotten fool, from that bench where you typically expect.

What color are the dreams? Are ecological and green? The dreams of hopes, dreams of peace and friendship, dreams like green trees and plants, as your eyes show sincerity and make me dream and smile.

What color are the dreams? Will be Violet as melancholy? The favorite color of individuals piscis, purple as the flower of joy, no argument or syntax, as a painter combines the blue plus red, equals violet.

And in the end, fall to the same site, they really are of all colors, and because we put them shine, we give its own nuances, green, orange, purple, red, blue, and yellow, the colors dreams are.

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