On webs... The water chronicles

It seems very familiar, except for time and space, I like the design, because the shelf is spectacular, this is like a versatile test, that is in the midst of a blizzard, with gale warnings, between Thetis and Bacchus is a conversation:

-Thetis: lol... They went!
-Bacchus: It is that very real
-Thetis: You need supermom to do the rescue.
-Bacchus: Where have I left my box at home?
-Theti: Well, like I said, one is enough.
Bacchus: I have stupid moments.
-Thetis: Do not worry, I have also had, of course, and not so long and ensue.
Bacchus: I was going to go in rumba rumba.
-Thetis: Now what did you do?
Bacchus: It is that I was watching with some friends, ate mandarines, pizzas and papayas, but I fell ill, because he sent me about a strange anchovies.
-Thetis: So you have to take something to stop the blast. -said a high drop-laugh-.
-Bacchus: Yes, but do I padlock the hassle! -he said with a smile from ear to ear-.

At that time arrives Nerón, and interrupts:
-Nerón: Put the patch again because we are not going to stop doing our thing.
Bacchus: To hell with you and critique! It was not my fault, who commanded that silly to me with this rotten pizza.
-Thetis: They did not give him the news.
-Nerón: What would give me chronic novelty?
Bacchus: It's been so much allergy to fish the reeds, that I fell down the chair!
-Nerón: I thought you were hiding a wrong.
-Thetis: How well you mind machine!
Bacchus: Yes, I realized.
-Nerón: It seems that someone is setting trends, but not power.
-Thetis: Indeed, it entered a coffee-bar type shouting: "Hands up!, is an assault, but the moronic did not even have a weapon.
Bacchus: At the end, all that remained were dancing, we ate and laughed that the incident at the rate it took the guards.
-Nerón: I leave, my wife should be calling me.
-Thetis: Run, or then watch him get red card.
-Bacchus: Speaking of women, all they are the same, so emotional.
-Thetis: Much careful what you say about me!
Bacchus: I know that generalizations are not themselves, but in this case are.
-Thetis: If you say this or that can be your downfall, you must know how to handle the abstraction of an idea.
Bacchus: But that's the fun that everyone makes their interpretation of things.
-Thetis: You play a lot with the steering wheel, then press the accelerator and brakes coup suddenly.
Bacchus: Why do I drive like this? And yet I continue in the same place where I began.
-Thetis: And you stay again without padlock.
Bacchus: The moisture, humidity, wet... Rain, snow... Someone saying, "let your boat, then again I say: No, I'm going through the flood and even a deluge.
-Thetis: How many locks can have one person in 24 hours and have time to eat, study, work, in order to live? It is required to prevent, and not eating anything.
Bacchus: And with this key I opened the lock that they wanted to put this unhappy. -pointing between your hands something like an antibiotic-.

At that breaks a hurricane makes suspend the reunion, Thetis scared leave to take care her young marine shrimps, her sirens flirty and hungry sharks that abound in her domains ocean, while Bacchus was inside one of the caves where some residents doing a Christmas spree.

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